Basic information from Bitcoin Equaliser

Here is the basic information you need to fill in:

First name
Last name
E-mail address
Then, please click the „Join Now“ button, after checking the email and mobile verification box.

Step 2: Deposit funds (at least $250)
Once your Bitcoin Equaliser account has been successfully opened, you need to fund it through a partner online broker to start your trading adventure on this platform.

Step 2: Deposit the funds (at least $250)

It is important to remember that the minimum deposit amount required is $250. Bitcoin Equaliser accepts several payment methods, the most popular of which are:

Bank transfer
Good to know: before investing real funds, you can try the Bitcoin Equaliser software through its trading simulator. The demo mode will allow you to get familiar with the robot and protect your capital.
Step 3: Set the parameters and start trading live
The last step in this procedure is to adjust the trading parameters:

Determine your Take Profit and Stop Loss limits.
Activate auto-tradingStep 3: Set the parameters and start trading live
Good to know: before you start trading stocks or any other financial asset, always keep in mind that trading involves the risk of loss. That’s why we urge you to invest only the amount you can afford to lose.
Main features of Bitcoin Equaliser
We have compiled a list of the main features of Bitcoin Equaliser that should be noted. Here they are:

⇨ Our opinion on Bitcoin Equaliser

Visit the broker
Bitcoin Equaliser Avis: can we trust it?
Association with regulated brokers
Professional customer support
Minimum deposit is $250
Easy to use
Bitcoin Equaliser offers an intuitive and easy to use trading interface with its modern technologies. You don’t need to be an expert in trading oil stocks.

Also, the Bitcoin Equaliser trading robot does not require any trading experience to use. The AI-bots take care of executing the most successful oil trades automatically.

Service fees
No registration fee when creating a trading account.
Minimum deposit is $250

Association with regulated brokers

During our test of Bitcoin Equaliser, it was found that this robot is backed by licensed and supervised brokers.

Moreover, the robot has developed a privacy module that protects the personal data of its users.

Guaranteed profitability
From our evaluation of Bitcoin Equaliser’s profitability, we found that this automated trading robot claims to guarantee unlimited profits. It promises a daily profit of $1000.

Going in the same direction, its assumed success rate is 92%. In other words, more than 9 out of 10 trades are said to be profitable using this software.